Agriculture + climate

Evalution-Meeting-BangladeshAgriculture has a big effect on the climate, and is in turn affected by it. Tropical and subtropical regions of the globe are likely to suffer especially from a changing climate. That makes it important to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from agriculture, and to adapt land-use systems to climate change. The major shifts in the climate in many parts of the tropics – and the speed of those shifts – make it urgent to develop suitable technologies and to find ways to adapt both locally and regionally.

Examples of my work on agriculture and climate change:

  • Assessment of the proposed project “Adaptation of Agro Ecosystems in Ghana to Climate Change”. Project Appraisal. 2011 GIZ, Eschborn.

  • Advice to development organizations on the development of adaptation strategies.

  • Organization of the international conference “ClimAdapt: Innovative Responses in Sustainable Agriculture. An Open Space Event”. Bonn, 5–7 November 2008. AGRECOL. Link


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  • Kotschi, J., and K. Müller-Sämann. 2004. The role of organic agriculture in mitigating climate change: A scoping study. IFOAM. Bonn. 58 p. Link